Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Fall term up for enrollment

Sign up today www.radhowtoschool.com


  1. Hi Rad!
    I'm wondering how many people will be in one class?

  2. there are a max of 16 people per class :)

    1. Hi,I just enrolled in the storyboarding class today! the day before the class starting date! I not sure you got this enrollment information of me! For I checked your website for the available spaces after I enrolled, the spaces were still 3 which was the same as before I enrolled! I am worried about that! Can you let me know whether you see me enrolled? I already made the payment on your website! My email address is selicemalu21@gmail.com. I didnt get a enrollment confirmation email which's why I am worried about that!

    2. I can also prove that I already made the payment!!I dont have any other information of the class like how to take the class.... Please get back to me!! Thanks a lot! !!!!!!

  3. Hi. I emailed you this last week, and don't know if the email got lost. But I had a few questions about what I might hope to learn in the Figure Invention class. Can you get back to me on that? If the email didn't send, let me know.


  4. Thanks for this great blog! I'm also interested in this class and sent some questions via the class website's Contact Us page. Hope to be able to take the class!

  5. Let me ask you something. Do people really just hand you $500 for the little quip you get online?

    Would you hand someone $500 for a black box that they promised contained something amazing?

    That's how we feel when it is just expected that we take the short little paragraph as enough of a sales pitch to pay for your class.

    If I were teaching such a class... I would make sure I answered everybody's questions and emails so that they felt comfortable signing up.

    I don't want to burn a bridge here, because I may want to study with you in the future... but I think this is pretty shabby treatment. Please tell me I'm wrong about that.

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